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European Flash Cards

Creating flash cards is my hobby. I invent new types of flash cards. Such cards are more complex, more interesting and effective.

 You can find ordinary cards anywhere. I create special cards that give shine to your knowledge.

 You can get an advantage in training or an advantage when looking for a job.

 And even if you do not learn foreign languages, but simply manage your web site, free flash cards are excellent content for the site. And here this content can be obtained for free. And through the RSS feed, you can receive new flash cards.

 And here this content can be obtained for free. And through the RSS feed, you can receive new flash cards.

European Flash Cards

Flashcards OFLAMERON

PDF Freeware

Training cards OFLAMERON exist several types. They use different methods of memory training. For example, the following cards


For example, here foreign words are divided into fragments. Each fragment is on a separate card. 10-15 foreign words (30-40) of cards are put on the table in a handful. The student chooses the cards and makes the correct foreign words from them and names the translation.

The more cards used in the lesson, the harder the task. You can adjust the difficulty of learning yourself. cards take up little space. They can be placed in an ordinary paper envelope and taken with you on a plane, the train – on a business trip or a trip. 15-20 minutes is enough for each lesson.


These cards are invented OFLAMERON. You can use them completely free of charge for self-study or classes with students at school or university, publish in any way.

(c) by Valery Shmeleff

All new types of cards you can download in PDF format – links are indicated in the text file –





Cards. Flash Cards

Flash Cards

When we studied the Egyptian pyramids, we found tables with incomprehensible inscriptions. It turned out that this flash cards for learning foreign languages. Below you can download and view a file archive with such labels.    🙂


There are 169 files with cards. Each file has many cards that you can print and use freely.

German language flash cards in PDF e-book format. See online, free download or print:



Foreign Languages Free

PDF e-book

As usual, replenish vocabulary of foreign words? Usually use small cards with foreign words and translations. They take out one card from a pack of cards and try to remember the translation. Then another card. This is very boring.

At the same time, all of you know what crossword is. This is a simple logical task. Or not a very simple logical task. But when many words have already been written in the crossword, everything becomes likeOFLAMERON cards. It is necessary to enter several missing letters and you will make a foreign word.


Picture for the German language. But there are such cards for many European languages. Here is one of the lists of links to ready-made cards.

Here you can download hundreds of ready-made cards, print cards and learn foreign languages.







PDF FlashCards

PDF files for foreign languages

These cards provide an advantage in learning and when looking for work. You can effectively learn new foreign words and phrases and remember them forever. These cards train thinking. Other training cards can not teach. This is an exceptional property of cards OFLAMERON

Small logical exercises with foreign words will make the learning process more interesting and effective. You can even hold small competitions with students. Who will write the correct foreign word faster, in which some letters are missing.

This is a real freeware – you can use it for free – publish, copy, post as free content sites or forums, use for any training.

New study cards are published constantly. Therefore, you can create your own RSS for websites or blogs.

If you want to create your own versions of cards, then for this you can use files in the Word DOCX  format. Examples of these files can be downloaded here:




Flashcards Freeware

Foreign Languages

Simple logical tasks can greatly help in learning foreign languages. These cards use one of the methods OFLAMERON to memorize foreign words. A foreign word is written on the card. This word is missing letters (replaced by a question mark). You must write the letters and correctly make up a foreign word. There are 4-5 cards for each word.  – Deutsche4RuCzEn8.pdf

You can download Download List – a complete list of direct links for downloading ALL PDF files with training cards. The file is periodically updated when there are many new cards. It is very convenient. You can get the full direct links as a text file.