Advanced Flash Card

Advanced Flash Card OFLAMERON

A simple table (flash card OFLAMERON) can be used to memorize foreign words with children. The table has an unlimited length. The greater the length of the table, the harder the game. In the table VERTICALLY to record foreign words. In this example, the French word. Each letter in a separate cell.

Flash car image

Highlighted individual words. You can remove the color. Then play will be more difficult.

Flash car image

You can print the table or paint pen. The longer the table, the more interesting and more difficult classes.

Flash car image

You have to cut the table into rows. Get a set of tapes with the letters.

Flash car image

Flash car image

The student must lay out the tape correctly to get the source table. The larger the table the more difficult classes. The task can be made even more difficult if you add the “extra” (unnecessary) ribbon with letters.

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(c) by Valery Shmeleff


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