Flashcards OFLAMERON

PDF Freeware

Training cards OFLAMERON exist several types. They use different methods of memory training. For example, the following cards


For example, here foreign words are divided into fragments. Each fragment is on a separate card. 10-15 foreign words (30-40) of cards are put on the table in a handful. The student chooses the cards and makes the correct foreign words from them and names the translation.

The more cards used in the lesson, the harder the task. You can adjust the difficulty of learning yourself. cards take up little space. They can be placed in an ordinary paper envelope and taken with you on a plane, the train – on a business trip or a trip. 15-20 minutes is enough for each lesson.


These cards are invented OFLAMERON. You can use them completely free of charge for self-study or classes with students at school or university, publish in any way.

(c) by Valery Shmeleff    http://www.shmeleff.com

All new types of cards you can download in PDF format – links are indicated in the text file –  http://geocities.ws/frenchfree/GOOGLE_DRIVE_PDF.txt





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