Valery Shmeleff

The author of the game, training cards, algorithm and design OFLAMERON – Valery Shmelev (Valery Shmeleff). Network engineer – Cisco, Alcatel, Check Point, Huawei, VMWare virtualization. Python, VB, Assembler, Java programming. OFLAMERON – is protected by copyright law. Source URL

Public wiki sci-fi movie script. The film uses advanced technical devices and scientific achievements.
    You can write your own script for one or more movie episodes and publish them on the Internet. Or translate existing episodes into a foreign language.
    The most interesting scenarios can be used when shooting a movie. All copyrights are reserved. A science script is a great way to showcase your knowledge, skill level, or announce new technical and scientific ideas. It is also a great way to find new employees or technical and scientific developments.

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