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Special cards for memorizing foreign words and phrases will help you make your knowledge more perfect. Cards OFLAMERON are more effective than regular cards. Learning foreign languages with such cards is more interesting. You yourself can adjust the complexity of classes – make cards for children or for students. For this you can use files in the Word DOCX format

You can print any number of cards for free for yourself or for a group of students. There are dozens of flash cards OFLAMERON that use other teaching methods. Learning cards publishers need author license

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PDF freeware


Special cards for learning German words or phrases. These cards are special. They are more interesting, more complex and more effective than ordinary flash cards. You can download PDF and print any number of cards for free.

Deutsche4RuCzEn6.pdf – https://drive.google.com/open?id=1N4LLmGFYUkr2GTeASYgdjswWoApxtqV6

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Flash cards

Board game with special cards for learning foreign languages.

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Unusual Flashcards

3D flashcards

Flashcards-almost always-are just rectangular pieces with a foreign word.

Why do you have to be so restrictive?

How would you rate these cards?


Dice rolls? Almost! The entire alphabet is placed on 5 cubes.

You roll the dice and write down the letters. Then from letters compose foreign words. 10 times threw the dice and who is more made up words wins.

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